Newsletter February 2024
Newsletter February 2024
rain or shine 
Or snow, or sleet, or hail.  It's been one of those winters!  Getting outside, even during the worst weather, can ultimately alleviate post-holiday financial stress and winter blues.    
But don't take my word for it.  Get more insight in this blog from North American on why winter wellness is important and linked to financial stress.  Find out how winter can affect your mental health, how best deal with it, and how to lower your money stress year-round. 
Check out the rest of our newsletter for more on the industry. Look for quick one-page sales ideas under new west shorts.  You can always go to our website for the latest carrier information (updated every week) under Product News & Updates.   
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New podcast takes a close look at how retirements are evolving
In the premiere episode of “Rebuilding Retirement: Navigating a new reality with your clients,” we discuss the new retirement reality with Moshe Milevsky.
Corebridge Financial
New sales concept for ILITs
Our latest sales concept, Fundamentals of ILITs, offers a new way of looking at the power of Irrevocable Life Insurances Trusts (ILIT). This is especially important as the Estate Tax Exclusion Limit will sunset in 2025.
John Hancock
Customizable Solutions
Our industry leading permanent life insurance policies help ensure more than just financial security in the event of an untimely death — they also provide compelling options to address long-term care needs. Which approach is best for your clients
Mutual of Omaha
Empowering Small Business Owners
Small business owners don’t have a shortage of daily operational tasks that need to be accomplished. Would the business survive if they become injured or sick? Mutual Income Solutions has several built-in benefits available, along with a host of optional benefits not only for themselves, but for their business, and employees too. Small business owners need to ensure they have the coverage needed from Mutual of Omaha. 
Mass Mutual 
Insurance That Fits a Client’s Life Today and Tomorrow
MassMutual Whole Life Insurance offers a combination of benefits and features that can help address a consumer’s different financial needs during various stages of their life. View this consumer-friendly brochure on Whole Life 10 Pay which offers permanent life insurance protection that will be paid up after 10 years, and guaranteed cash value accumulation.
National Life Group
Love the OLD in Golden
Get everything you need to launch the Life Insurance with Living Benefits campaign in your local market.
Introducing Nationwide VUL Protector II 
Nationwide is excited to reintroduce you to our newest VUL product. Please join us to learn about Nationwide VUL Protector II features, sales ideas and success stories to help you boost your VUL sales. Save your seat
New York Life
Declares Company Record 
North American
Winter wellness tips & combatting post-holiday money stress
A new year offers a fresh start, but sometimes, there are still bills to pay from the gift buying, travel expenses, and festivities that accompany the holiday season. Read this blog post from North American for tips on helping overcome post-holiday stress.
Pacific Life
The Pacific Life Promise
Life insurance is essentially a promise to provide financial protection, but how do you know you can rely on that promise? We've got the answer
Help clients show how much they care in 3 easy steps
Looking for ways to engage with your clients during Insure Your Love month? We have the resources to help you seize this opportunity and offer more people the protection they deserve in three simple steps
Strategies to help build your business 
Looking for a go-to resource for estate planning? How about information on working with business owners, families who have loved ones with special needs or timely tax topics? Our newly expanded ideas and tools library for financial professionals offers programs to help you find new clients, expand your influence and build your business. 
How it works: Chronic Care Advantage Rider
Nearly half the U.S. population lives with at least one chronic condition, and 40% live with two or more.¹

Fortunately, life insurance and protection against the unexpected financial impact of chronic illnesses can go hand in hand.

In our updated flyer (PDF), we show how the rider works using a hypothetical 55-year-old male with a $500,000 IUL policy and Symetra’s Chronic Care Advantage Rider after he was diagnosed with a chronic condition.

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