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My Boston bestie and her son Jack came to visit this month.  Their big adventure started in Montana, then they drove through Jackson Hole, WY and wrapped it up here in Idaho.  We showed them some of the best of country living - big trucks, bull riding, and horseshoes. Jack's goal is to visit all 50 states before he graduates high school.  Although he has quite a few under his belt already, these two have a lot more traveling in their future - graduation is only five years away!
With going back to school on everyone's mind, now might be a good time to talk to your clients about their plans to fund college.  One option is using index or variable life insurance.  There's a death benefit to cover costs should anything happen and the potential to build cash value to supplement costs while living.  
John Hancock - Financing the Future
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Are your clients looking for the potential to supplement college funding?
Fixed index universal life (FIUL) insurance can help!  The cost of college has risen even higher. Upon the death of the insured, the death benefit proceeds can be used to help fund college. The accumulation potential of FIUL may also provide an opportunity to supplement a college funding strategy (or for any financial need) by accessing any available cash value through policy loans and withdrawals. Plus, FIUL comes with several powerful tax advantages: 
  • An income-tax-free death benefit
  • Tax-deferred accumulation
  • Income-tax-free loans and withdrawal
American General
Let the LIAM prep begin!
Every September the life insurance industry comes together for Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). Get ready with our updated tools and resources that can help you to start the conversation!
Value+ Protector II in a breeze
Getting life insurance protection with strong guarantees can be simple and fast. With non-medical underwriting, some protection-focused IUL clients don’t need to go through in-person exams or labs and nearly 75 percent of non-medical UW cases are approved in 5 business days or less.  Speed to issue
Columbus Life
Discover the Benefits of Our Survivorship IUL
Our SIUL features the flexibility and versatility to meet a variety of planning challenges, including wealth transfer, charitable gifts, and business succession. This policy provides Death Benefit coverage for two people — you and your spouse or business partner — paying a Death Benefit at the second death and is generally less expensive than two separate policies. 
Innovative Technology
When it comes to the latest technology, we have a single focus: to develop solutions that make doing business with Columbus Life faster and easier. Our CLIC Mobile App and online agent portal keep you connected to Columbus Life, no matter where you are. 
Global Atlantic
Training and On Demand videos at your fingertips!
Need a refresher on training, eApp or would you like to see a webinar on one of our products? We have multiple training videos that can help you on your own time.
John Hancock
Overview Of John Hancock’s Life Insurance Riders
Use this new guide to get a high-level view of our riders and how they can provide additional coverage and even more value to the life insurance sale. 
Digital Enhancements
Shave up to 20 days from submission to policy issue! Hear how we are making the buying process easier for our firms, producers and clients in the latest episode of Hancock Talks.
Now is the time to consider John Hancock’s VUL portfolio
With Accumulation VUL’s enhanced income potential and the all-new Protection VUL’s highly competitive age-100 guarantees, our VUL portfolio has never been stronger. Use this guide to help determine which choice would be the best fit for your clients’ situation and goals.
Legal & General
We love New York!
As other carriers discontinue doing business in New York, we'd like to take this opportunity to let you know that we remain committed to providing great products and friendly service to our William Penn BGA's and advisors. Get the details
Lincoln Financial Group
Wealth Transfer Under the Biden Tax Plan
Andy Friedman of The Washington Update considers the implications of a repeal of stepped-up basis, changes Congress might make to the gift and estate tax regime and sets out potential planning strategies for investors to consider to blunt the effects of the new rules. Read the whitepaper
National Life Group
Use the Client Intelligence Tool to Start Conversations
Did you know that National Life provides you visibility to all of your clients’ service interactions with our Contact Center or Website?  That’s Client Intelligence. With Client Intelligence, you’ll enjoy visibility to all of your clients’ interactions with National Life, receive reminders for key policy events, and uncover new sales opportunities with your existing clients.  Updates are near real-time, and you can also subscribe to receive a daily summary notification of your client’s activity, so you never miss key events.
NLG Q2 2021 Financials At-a-Glance
National Life Group had a record breaking first half of 2021 with over $200 million in both Life WNAP sales and core earnings. To top it off we received the recognition of our continued strong performance from rating agencies A.M. Best and Moody’s Investor Service as they upgraded our Financial Strength Ratings to A+ (Superior) and A1 (Good), respectively. Read more
We've Made it Simpler for You to Help Your Clients
Nobody ever says, “Make it complicated.” That’s why we provide straightforward, client-ready materials, easy-to-use tools, and products and services that are transparent and efficient.
Nationwide Economic Monthly Review
Recovery ends and expansion begins, blunted by supply chain problems and the Delta variant. The COVID-19 recession was officially the shortest on record!  Read full review
North American
LIAM will be here before you know it
Visit North American’s blog for a variety of posts to help spread the word about the importance of having proper life insurance protection. And stay on the lookout for even more Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) materials over the next few weeks.
Truly address your client’s real-life needs
Clients face a lot of financial demands and it’s not always easy to tell where money can make the most impact. Enter, life insurance. Builder Plus IUL® 3 is designed to address your client’s real-life needs of today and tomorrow. Help your clients own their future with Builder Plus IUL® 3!  (Site not for use in Nevada or California)
Retirement wasn’t created to worry about
See how life insurance does more than just provide death benefit protection. You can help clients stop worrying about retirement and start looking forward to it. Get started with new retirement sales concept materials from North American.
Experience Care Solutions Landing Page
Need a quick marketing tool to help engage your LTC prospect? Look no further! Send them the Experience Care Solutions Landing Page so they can learn more about the importance of planning for LTC.
You're the Doctor Now: Guidance for graceful endings
As an emergency physician, Dr. Monica Williams has first-hand knowledge of proper planning for both living and ending well. Join her as she shares personal stories of why planning for the future can help you focus on what matters most. View this Dr. Monica Promo Video and Register Here to join.
Minimize Policy Expenses to Optimize Growth Potential
Guarantees can be a great thing. But when a client is focused on accumulation, the fees and conditions that come with these assurances could restrict their growth potential. Download our flyer to see how eliminating ‘guarantee fees’ helps the accumulation potential on Strategic Objectives II VUL
Fund Performance to Fuel Accumulation
Did you know the U.S. has 12 million women-owned businesses?
The opportunity is BIG. The first step is small. A conversation is the first step to working with this impressive group of women. The Women’s eBook is your personal playbook and features conversation starters, event guides, discussion group guides, and sales ideas.
The Return of Split-Dollar Life Insurance Plans
High-quality employees provide a competitive edge that can help take a business to the next level and a split-dollar life insurance arrangement can help your clients attract and retain their industry’s top talent.  Check out our Split Dollar materials under Business Planning on our Advanced Planning microsite. 
Symetra IUL customer portal
We’re excited to announce that we’ve further enhanced the portal by adding in-force policy details for our indexed universal life (IUL) products.  Review our Digital Experience flyer.
New Marketing Tools
Watch our latest 5 minute video on "A Triple Potential Threat" that discusses the Biden Administration's tax proposal, rising home values and life insurance.
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