Circumpolar Stories from the Land

Storytelling is an integral part of Indigenous culture as a way to pass down knowledge, teach values, culture and history. In this issue of the Bridge, we welcome voices from across the Circumpolar Arctic. Join us to learn about the Inuit Guardians program, listen to an alum share stories of dog sledding, hear from an award-winning author about the art of storytelling,  explore the cross-section of Indigenous knowledge and conservation, and more!
Explore the cross section of Indigenous knowledge and conservation through the lenses of Victoria Buschman, Iñupiaq Inuit wildlife and conservation biologist from Utqiaġvik, Alaska and Martina Fjällberg, reindeer herding Sami from Njaarke herding district in the northwest of Jämtland, Sweden. Together, they will discuss how valuing and preserving Indigenous culture and knowledge is integral to conservation. Friday, October 2nd at 12pm EST.
Devon is a 19-year-old Inuk from Resolute Bay. An alum of SOI’s Arctic 2019 expedition, Devon represents a generation of youth who are helping to revitalize Inuit culture among younger generations. His friend from expedition, Emma Denton of Northern Ireland, will interview him LIVE, you don’t want to miss it! Wednesday, October 14th at 1pm EST.
Join us to hear from Michael (Arvaarluk) Kusugak, award-winning author of 13 children's books including co-author of A Promise is a Promise. SOI youth alum and budding author Sophie Weider will speak with Arvaarluk about the art of storytelling and its importance in Inuit culture. Stick around to hear some of Arvaarluk’s favourite stories! October 8th, 2020 at 4pm EST.
The Wrecks of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror National Historic Site is one of the most remote Parks Canada places in Canada. Learn how Inuit Guardians have used Inuit Knowledge and ingenuity to reach camps at both wreck sites each year since the program began in 2017. In addition to protecting and monitoring these important sites, Inuit Guardians pass on their invaluable knowledge of the area and their skills in traditional harvesting practices to new generations of guardians. Learn more

SOI Staff Pick: Keeping the Inuit Way of Life Alive in a Changing World

“Inuit were born to be outside.” In this powerful and visually striking short film, Derrick Pottle, a traditional Inuit hunter, carver, and guide, talks about the Inuit way of life, how the world is changing, and the importance of continuing his culture’s traditions. Watch the short film here.

Alumni Making Waves: Ivalu Barlach Christensen

Ivalu Barlach Christensen is an Arctic 2012 alum from Sisimiut, Greenland. Her passion has always been science and science communication. Since her expedition, Ivalu has gone on to travel the world in search of educational opportunities. Her academic journey has spanned four countries and two continents. Presently she is completing her PhD on molecular clouds and the formation of stars at MPI für Radioastronomie in Germany. Learn more about Ivalu here!

What's on Deck!

Our next release of The Bridge will feature Arts & Culture. Learn about our alumni who are making an impact in the arts scene and revitalizing their culture in various ways! Stay tuned for painting, journaling, music and more!

Did you know?

Inuit recognize more than four seasons and that sea ice plays an important part in characterizing these seasons?

With extensive details offered through their own drawings and writings,
The Meaning of Ice describes the great depth of Inuit, Iñupiat, and Inughuit knowledge of sea ice and the critical and complex role it plays in their relationships with their environment and with one another. 

Learn more

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