October Newsletter
October Newsletter
country mouse goes to the city 
Nothing compares to spending time with the "home team."  The friends that are an extension of yourself.  That comfort, challenge, and accept all of you.  As we laughed, walked, ate and drank our way through Boston, I remembered how to have fun. It's been a crazy couple of years and this trip solidified how absolutely necessary it is to spend time together.  Our girl's trips are always amazing, but this one was magical.  
Since the John Hancock Tower photobombed my picture of Trinity Church, I figured I'd throw a shout out to their new Accumulation IUL product that is coming out later this month (designed to be very competitive in the the premium finance market).  I should be getting more details next week - stay tuned.  
Check out the rest of our newsletter for more on the industry. Look for quick one-page sales ideas under New West Shorts.  You can always go to our website for the latest carrier information (updated every week) under Product News & Updates.   

Melissa Church
Director of Marketing
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7702 updates coming to Allianz Life Pro+ Advantage
Allianz took the time to review the product and find a balance that meets the needs of both consumers and financial professionals while adhering to the new regulations.  Advantage FIUL will be updated to meet the revised guidelines on October 18th. 
Note the following regarding inforce business issued January 1, 2021, and later:
  • Your client’s inforce policies are compliant and no changes are required, however, these updates will potentially allow for additional flexibility to premium limits or lowering the face amount. Because no changes are required to an inforce policy, no communications will be sent to policyholders.
  • Lowering the face amount on any policy is not allowed in the first 12 months of the policy being inforce. Please note a face amount reduction before month 18 could result in a commission charge back.
American General
Retirement Solutions
See how clients can build an income bridge to help maximize Social Security benefits with the Assured Edge Income Achiever.
Offer clients a powerful income advantage for the “Go-Go” years.
The Max Income Option of Lifetime Income Choice provides high initial income of 6.25% for 65-year-old clients at a time during retirement when spending is likely to be the greatest. 
Columbus Life
Total Household Protection with IUL
An IUL that not only helps protect the insured with death benefit protection, but may also be able to help protect other members of the household. Discover the additional benefits and riders that could be added to the policy to help protect other members of the family and the insured with more than just death benefit protection. Tell me more
NEW Q4 Training Opportunities
Columbus Life’s Q4 webinar schedule includes attractive topics such as our ECV Rider: Possible Annuity Alternatives, an Advanced Planning Perspective on Tax Proposals and Life Insurance Solutions, Five Reasons Not to Self-Insure for Chronic Illness, and IUL Performance When the Zero’s Come. 
Global Atlantic
Spotlight on Sales!
Spotlight on Sales this week focuses on ELITE versus the competition and measuring the impact of 0% index returns on IUL. 
John Hancock
A Winning Sales Strategy – The “Bronze Guarantee”
Take advantage of our “Bronze Guarantee” sales strategy on JH Illustrator to show your clients how Protection VUL offers a competitively priced guarantee to age 100 AND the opportunity to save up to 25% off that guaranteed premium by engaging in John Hancock Vitality.
Offering IUL Clients a Proven Strategy for Stability
See how the positive segment returns delivered to our IUL policyholders over this past year – combined with the stability of our cap rate – has led to strong customer value and consistency compared to competitors. 
Legal & General
30- and 40-year OPTerm is now available in New York
We’ve added 35- and 40-year term options to our OPTerm product in New York! Find out why William Penn OPTerm pricing comes in at #1 - 85% of the time and ranks top 3 – 97% of the time against term competitors in the New York market. 
Lincoln Financial Group
Global Allocation to help diversify your portfolio
Help investors understand the importance of diversification and how global allocation with BlackRock Dynamic Allocation Index can help. 
The ONE Meeting: View the best of 2021
Join Andy Bucklee and the Lincoln sales team as they share ideas and solutions to help you reach the finish line this year. And get up-to-the minute news on tax changes! Join us on October 12, at 1:00 pm ET.  Register now
National Life Group
It's not enough to just save for retirement!
In this conversation, Jay Dunlap breaks down everything you need to know to discuss National Life’s Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider (GLIR) with clients. 
Tax Treatment for Business Owners and Employees
Insuring for potential LTC needs is an important aspect of a person’s overall financial strategy. This protection can help shield a couple’s or individual’s portfolio from depletion due to LTC costs as well as provide choice and flexibility in planning for LTC needs. Being able to offer such coverage to executives or valued employees can help recruit, reward, and retain valuable people. 
Nationwide Monthly Economic Dashboard
Economic growth decelerates in the face of Delta and supply headwinds. After a strong first half of 2021, the winds have shifted a bit for the economy as the Delta variant and supply constraints have slowed activity. Learn more here
North American
There Are Still Guarantees In Life…
With Protection Builder IUL and Custom Guarantee UL. Learn more about these permanent products from North American and get access to product materials on the Marketing Toolkit!
Be Bold in Your Business
We saved the best for last! In this third and final session on Thursday, October 21, Dr. Kevin Elko will share his expert insight on how daily goals and measurable activities bring you closer to achieving bold results. Register today!
A Better Understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementias
Tina Thomas from the Alzheimer’s Association joins us to discuss Alzheimer’s Disease and dementias: what are the causes and warning signs, the impact on caregivers and the disparities that exist in historically underserved communities. Register and watch the Tina Thomas Promo Video
Your Clients Aren’t Average
Why is there Long-Term Care? Utilize this sales idea to illustrate the importance of insuring beyond the averages so you can be assured your clients are protected for beyond just the average
Pacific Life
PL Promise Term Reprice–How Do We Compare?
Take a look at PL Promise Term’s competitive advantages with the 9/27 Reprice! Use these sales ideas to see how Pacific Life stacks up against the competition. See How We Compare  
Minimize Policy Expenses to Optimize Growth Potential
Guarantees can be a great thing. But when a client is focused on accumulation, the fees and conditions that come with these assurances could restrict their growth potential. Download our flyer to see how eliminating ‘guarantee fees’ helps the accumulation potential on Strategic Objectives II VUL
Fund Performance to Fuel Accumulation
Founders Plus Just Got Even Better
Check out the new indexed account option, the Goldman Sachs Voyager Indexed Account. View the transition rules.
More Competitive Pricing and Expanded Sweet Spots
SwiftTerm provides the only end-to-end digital platform that can provide up to $2 million in coverage in as little as 25 minutes.  With our recent changes, SwiftTerm now ranks No. 1 over 90% of the time in our expanded sweet spot ages of 30 to 50 years old in non-nicotine rate classes.  Our new rates will be available for sale starting Oct. 1, 2021.  SwiftTerm Sweet spots
Looking For Some Information on Advanced Sales Concepts
Symetra recently enhanced our Advanced Markets website, so if you are looking for a split dollar strategy, or premium financing information, or some ideas on wealth transfers, take a look at our easy-to-use website and see which concepts can help you. Symetra Advanced Markets
New Marketing Tools
Watch our latest 5 minute video on "A Triple Potential Threat" that discusses the Biden Administration's tax proposal, rising home values and life insurance.
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