Spring Issue I, February 2023

Advising Updates

Hello, all! Welcome to our first newsletter of this semester, which is absolutely speeding by. We have plenty of updates and items to share below. Your feedback is welcome, particularly if there are other bits of news you'd like to see in future newsletters. 
Reminders and FYI:
  • Advisor assignments: we monitor the accuracy of our assignments weekly, and this has become particularly important as more advising-related forms are moved online. If you have changes to how you are assigning advisors within your unit, please be sure to let us know so that we can update our website and the advisor assignments in Banner. Thank you!
  • SAM lists updated weekly: we are doing well with forms submitted this semester, and encourage you to check your lists in OneDrive (Dept Lists - Spring 2023) for students who still need to submit their form to our office. We are updating these lists weekly. Holds will be placed on April 5. 
  • MAAN emails worth re-sharing: earlier this month, two messages were shared via the MAAN listserv that we'd like to re-post for you just in case you missed them: Navigate Settings/Views Update and Online Forms Maintenance.
Upcoming Dates and Deadlines:
  • Spring 2023 graduation reviews: the spring grad app became inactive on February 22, so the late graduation application is now required through July 1. According to the Registrar's Office timeline, they should complete their initial review in the next couple of weeks and start to update the Graduation Application Met/Not-Met List in MicroStrategy. More on the graduation process can be found in our OneDrive here: Graduating Students.
  • Registration time tickets for summer and fall: calendars for Summer and Fall 2023 are updated on the Registrar's website, including priority dates for registration:
TimelyCare for Students

Contact Us

We welcome your feedback! Email us ( with your comments and suggestions.

Professional Development  

Advisor Onboarding 
Wed, Mar 8 @10am
Academic Advising Foundations I (live session)

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Developing Advising Practice (DAP)
Wed, May 3 @10am
Advising 202: Diversity, Inclusion, and Action
More info here
Career Influencers Network Training
Mon, Mar 13 @9:30am

In-person session with lunch provided; RSVP here
CHSS Advisor Workshop: Career Conversations with Transfer Students
Thurs, Mar 9 @12:30pm RSVP here
CHSS Student Success Forum
Thurs, Mar 23 @12:00pm RSVP here

Spotlight on Student Success

The start of a new semester is always our busiest time. We survived the week before the semester began and the first week of the semester, and we are still here, so it is very likely that things are going smoothly. During the first weeks of the semester, we surveyed 71 CHSS students on what instructors could do to help them improve their performance in class, and their answers focused in three main aspects: flexibility, empathy, and engagement/organization. These are some of their responses: 

- I would like professors to send more reminders. I know it’s childish, but it works. 
- I appreciate when professors are clear and the instructions straightforward. 
- I think more positive support and feedback would be great. Sometimes I just need someone to push me, to remind me that I can do anything. 
- I work full-time, so I can only take online courses. The best thing my instructors can do is offer a manageable school schedule. 
Coincidentally, our survey aligns with one from Inside Higher Ed, where students also mentioned flexibility, connecting with professors, and setting clearer deadlines, as the top things faculty could do to help them succeed academically. This information provides useful insights as we continue to build awareness and empathy for our students’ experiences. The challenges faced by students and professors adapting to post-pandemic learning require new strategies and a resource plan to which we all must contribute. We hope that opening these discussions about student barriers and challenges will lead us to find innovative approaches to better support our CHSS population. 

Career Bulletin

What's upcoming from Career Services? Please share the following with your students:
Education Recruitment Day
Wednesday, March 8
Dewberry Hall, Johnson Center 
Career Fair: 9:00-11:30am 
Invitation only interviews: 12-4 pm EST *Students must be present during the job fair in the morning to obtain an interview
Education Recruitment Day is coming up! This hiring event features opportunities ranging from teaching to counseling to school administration. Over 75 school systems, private schools and education-based organizations will be at the fair.
Given the high demand, non-education majors are encouraged to attend. Employers are open to candidates with various backgrounds, including education, social work, foreign languages, science, history, the arts, technology, nursing, and more. Attend the fair in the morning for an opportunity to get invited back for an interview that afternoon! Get all the details from @masoncareer or visit
RealTalk Session: How to Find a Mentor as a First-Generation Student 
Wednesday, March 22, 4:00pm
Nominate Your Professor for the Career Connection Faculty Award! 
Have you had a professor that has made a positive impact on your career goals, employment, or graduate school preparation?
If so, please take a few minutes to nominate this individual for Mason's Career Connection Faculty Award! This is a wonderful opportunity to thank the professor who has written a letter of recommendation, helped you explore potential careers, or simply made a positive impact on your life.  
The selected faculty nominee will be recognized by their academic department and University Career Services. Please complete the brief nomination survey using the following link:
If you have questions, please email University Career Services at

Davids N' Amanda Corner - Notes from Academic Affairs 

Course Substitutions for Western Civ/World History Requirement
As you know, transfer students are able to substitute certain approved courses for HIST 100 and HIST 125, to meet the Western Civilization/World History requirement ( In recent years, a change was made that only permitted these substitutions for students who were admitted as transfer students (not as freshman, regardless of transfer credit). Last week, we were informed by the Office of Undergraduate Education that they will approve subs for students who are admitted as freshmen with transfer credit for an approved alternative Western Civ/World History course.
Please be aware of this update, as it indicates more widespread approval of this type of substitution! If you have students admitted as first-time freshmen, with transfer credit for a course on the approved alternatives list that is not currently counting towards their Western Civ/World History requirement, please feel free to submit a substitution request to our office and contact us if you have any questions.

Meet a CHSS Advisor

Alexandro Villarroel, Criminology, Law and Society
I work for the Department of Criminology, Law and Society as an undergraduate academic advisor. I am a double graduate from GMU with a BA in Criminology, Law and Society and an MA in Global Affairs focused on culture and society. Ever since graduating from my BA, I've worked mainly in education and social advocacy. Working with companies such as City Year, C2 Education, and my most recent job before coming to back to GMU, Liberty's Promise, working with immigrant and first-generation students on college access, career advising and civic engagement. In my free time I enjoy getting the chance to indulge in one of my many hobbies like dancing, hiking, comic book reading or the occasional anime convention when it's around town. One way I really enjoy relaxing is going on long drives with the music blasting and just enjoying the open road. 

Volunteer Opportunity to Share

GAPSA Conference Call for Volunteers - Please Share with your Student Networks!

GAPSA is seeking volunteers to assist in the Mason Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference. Volunteer duties will range from event set-up, registration, conference moderation, photography, and additional duties as needed. Graduate and professional students who volunteer may be eligible to receive an additional $50 in Graduate Travel Student Fund in the upcoming academic year. Undergraduate students are also eligible to apply. Take this opportunity to get to know GAPSA and learn more about the Graduate Student Community!
The Volunteer portal will remain open until March 10, 2023. Sign up on the website or share the direct link to the form: