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Week 3: Criminal Justice Reform
Today's Challenge: Tennessee
Today, we are going to take a closer look at what is going on in Tennessee around criminal justice reform and the juvenile justice system. Tennessee has the fourth highest violent crime rate in the country, and over the past 10 years, the incarceration rate has increased to 10% above the national average. As these numbers continue to climb, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has pushed policy recommendations for upcoming legislative sessions that seek to "improve public safety, increase reentry support and reduce recidivism, address unmet behavioral health needs and make Tennessee communities safer."

We Challenge You To Take...

Check out this article, equipped with many helpful graphs and infographics, about the trends within Tennessee's criminal justice system. For example, learn why Tennessee's state prison population is disproportionately Black and how white women are the fastest growing segment within state prisons. 
Gov. Lee's Criminal Justice Investment Task Force released an exhaustive list of policy recommendations for upcoming legislative sessions that are aimed at strengthening understanding of behavioral health needs, equalizing treatment within local jails and state prisons, pivoting responses to different types of offenses, improving community supervision and minimizing barriers to successful reentry. 
Watch or read this segment from News Channel 5 Nashville about the broken juvenile justice system in Tennessee, and the barriers that the Department of Children's Services, the court system, and families are experiencing throughout the state. 
Learn more about how the District Attorney General in Shelby County announced a new community justice program for 18-26-year- old offenders that involves community volunteers identifying an alternative solution to traditional prosecution for certain offenses. 

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Criminal Justice Reform Week Action Items

Consider this reentry program volunteer opportunity to help the recently incarcerated move into a successful life and become positive contributors to our community.

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